Is the second-hand vapor from electronic cigarettes safe?

The second-hand effects of vaping are generally considered to be minor to non-existent. However with the dangers of second-hand smoke being well documented as a threat to other’s health, it does justify the question and research to find out if electronic cigarettes are safe to use indoors.

A recent study by Consulting for Health, Air, Nature, & A Greener Environment, LLC (CHANGE) and Center for Air Resources Science & Engineering (CARES), Clarkson University, the effects of second-hand vapor was found to have “No Significant Risk” to harm other people. The study compared VOCs, carbonyls, PAHs, Nicotine, TSNAs and Glucols levels in the air of rooms filled with 4 different kinds of vapor from e cigarettes and compared the results to samples of air taken from rooms filled with cigarette smoke.

Of course the room filled with tobacco smoke was deemed a significant risk to others, but the room filled with ecig vapor did not have enough exposure to risk harm to others.

This is another positive result supporting the popular public opinion that using electronic cigarettes are considerably less dangerous for you and others, when compared to smoking cigarettes.

The long term effects of electronic cigarette vapor has not been fully researched or documented, however there are no reports that I know of that suggest that the second-hand vapor from an electronic cigarette is anywhere close to dangerous to anyone.

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

Electronic cigarettes provide smokers:

  • Nicotine in a vapor form free of tar and carcinogens
  • The hand-to-mouth action they are comfortable with
  • Control of their nicotine levels to allow a gradual reduction of nicotine
  • Thousands of flavors to choose from to help aid in conversions from tobacco
  • The freedom to “smoke” in more places without the harmful effects of second-hand smoke
  • A cheaper alternative to smoking and are available without prescription does not claim that e-cigs will help you quit smoking, but they are a great alternative. We cannot advertise that e-cigs are medical devices to cure any disease or ailment, or officially considered “safer” than cigarettes, nor can the sponsors that are on our website.

We can, however, tell you that several of our Co-Founders and employees are now ex-smokers all thanks to E-Cigs. Several members of our team have completely stopped using classic cigarettes and replaced them with e-cigs, gradually moving from high level of nicotine to 0mg, others are in the process of switching.

Most vapers will tell you that they physically feel better while vaping compared to when they smoked. They can breathe again, smell better, exercise easier, and taste food again. Don’t believe us? Google any current news about e-cigarettes and look at the comment section.

There are crucial questions behind e-cigarettes health risks. If you are concerned about the dangers of using electronic cigarettes, talk to your doctor and make sure you know the ingredients and what is involved in the making of the e-juice you buy. Always buy from a trusted source like, a vendor that shows concern and pride in their product.

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