Are there any special considerations when vaping in public?

Electronic Cigarette Etiquette

Before you go out into public and start vaping away at the bank or on a plane, you will need to understand some basic e-cigarette etiquette. With the growing e-cigarette movement, many smokers are using their devices in public places, and this can be both good and bad for public awareness and acceptance. Not everyone will understand that the electronic cigarette you have in your hand is a water-vapor cigarette. People are naturally aggressive to things they don’t understand.

For the vapers who use their e-cig in stores, restaurants, and other public locations, you may be giving electronic cigarettes users a bad name. Just because you are exhaling harmless water vapor, doesn’t mean you need to advertise your new-found freedom and force your habit on others. There are people that don’t care how safe e-cigs are. When you use an e-cig, it looks as you are smoking. Many non-smokers will not appreciate seeing you use an e-cig in public establishments.

On the other hand, one of the reasons you switched to e-cigarettes is for the convenience of being able to use it where cigarettes are not allowed. You can use e-cigs in many places smoking is not allowed, but there is a time and place for their use.

There is a line between a considerate vaper and an arrogant vapor. As an ex-smoker, you should already be used to being shunned and forced outside at least 25 feet away from entrances. Don’t use electronic cigarettes to take your revenge on non-smokers. This is a private habit, and you should do your best to keep it that way. It is not your job to explain e-cigarettes to others.

Here are some common e-cigarette etiquette guidelines every vaper should be following for the benefit of all vapers:

  • Don’t vape in banks, grocery stores, or retail locations
  • Definitely don’t vape in hospitals or any other type of care centers
  • Don’t vape where people can see you on planes, trains, or subways
  • Don’t vape near children or at family events

If you have to vape in public, try and use your e-cig without notice and don’t advertise your device. A quick stop to the restroom or corner of the room is a great way to “stealth vape”. Some vapers will place their device in the palm of their hand with the tip pointed inward along their wrist, so it is not pointed out when taking a drag.

Some vapers will buy a smaller, more portable e-cigarette just for use in public.

When you vape publicly people will assume you are smoking because it looks as if you are smoking. Don’t expect them to understand or try to “educate” them by using it in clear view. You will only make a bad name for fellow vapers. When in doubt, don’t pull it out.

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