How do I request a warranty exchange?

1. Review Policy

Please visit our Warranty & Returns Policy page to review our Warranty Exchange Policy to verify if the item you are attempting to exchange falls under our 90 day Warranty Exchange Policy.

2. Visit Returns & Exchanges Order Lookup Page

If your product is still under our 90 day Defective Exchange Policy please proceed to Returns & Exchanges Section.

3. Find Your Order

In Returns & Exchanges Section you will see a the following form:

Please enter the email address you used with your order (i.e., and your order number (i.e. MH78945). If you have entered your information properly you will get your order details listed like so:

Notice in the example above, only one item is eligible for warranty return or exchange - the mod. This is because coils and batteries are not returnable / exchangeable.

4. Initiate Warranty Exchange

To initiate a warranty exchange for an eligible item, simply click the shopping cart icon next to that item and you will be shown the following screen:

Please enter the replacement Quantity, Select Return Reason, Customer Notes, and attach a clear image of the issue and hit Submit.

Repeat step #4 for each separate product you would like to request a warranty exchange for.

5. Tracking Your Warranty Request Status

Once you have submitted all the products you would like to exchange you can always look up your warranty request status. Simply repeat step 3 to find your order and you will be presented with current status of your warranty request like so:


6. Warranty Exchange Process

Once your Warranty Exchange Request is submitted you will receive an email confirmation. The next steps are as follows:

  1. MistHub’s Customer Service Representative will review your Warranty Exchange Request individually.
  2. If the request is within the 90 day policy, you will get an email letting you know that your Exchange is approved and mailing instructions for the return of the defective item(s)
  3. Once MistHub LLC receives the defective items, a replacement will be shipped out, and you will receive an email with the tracking information.
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